3:24 pm
Mon July 21, 2014

Woman VS. Food

Credit Miki Sudo Facebook page

Imagine sitting down to a plate of hot wings. You’re fairly hungry, so you’ll likely eat between six and twelve. Maybe you’ll have some of those celery sticks with the blue cheese dressing. Maybe you’ll wash it down with a beer. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? Is your mouth watering?

Now imagine sitting down to a plate of wings except instead of eating a few, you’re going to cram almost 200 down your mouth in a little over 10 minutes. And you’re going to be observed by a festival crowd.

Sounds slightly less appetizing, right?

Competitive eaters do this on a regular basis, with all varieties of food including wings, eggs, and perhaps most traditionally, hot dogs.

One rising star on the completive food circuit is Las Vegas’ own Miki  Sudo. This year Miki placed first in the women’s division of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. 


Miki Sudo, competitive eater