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3:49 pm
Fri July 18, 2014

Voting Rights And Civil Rights In Nevada

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Nationwide, there have been efforts to change voting rules in several ways, including requiring a picture ID. Legislators here in Nevada have also grappled with the questions of whether ID should be required for voting.

But how could it affect political participation by low-income voters and African-Americans? And is it part of a larger effort to suppress the minority vote? That is one of the issues that will be addressed at this year's NAACP Convention, which is meeting this week in Las Vegas.

We have our own panel of African-American leaders to analyze the state of civil rights in Nevada in 2014. What are the big issues affecting the African-American community? How is the community working to improve education? And how much have things changed in the last 60 years?


State Sen. Pat Spearman, Democrat, District 1

Assemblywoman Dina Neal, Democrat, District 7

Trish Geran, writer and activist

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