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7:49 am
Tue July 15, 2014

Gaming Regulators Really Mean 'No Marijuana'

As Nevada businessmen were lining up to snag a license in the medical marijuana business, the Nevada Gaming Control Board send out an edict that no licensee was to be involved in the marijuana business in any way. Slot operator Bruce Familian divested himself of his interest in a marijuana dispensary but that was not enough. Even though he sold the shares to his wife the Gaming Control Board refused to allow his slots company to install machines in a new bar. The bar will have to find someone else to operate its slot machines.

Now FamilianĀ is fighting back. He tells us why he thinks he should be allowed to run a slot operation while his wife dispenses medical marijuana.


Bruce Familian, Owner, Nevada Gaming Partners

Jennifer Roberts, Familian's attorney, Lionel Sawyer & Collins

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