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3:20 pm
Fri August 8, 2014

Carrot Top On Making Props, Life In Vegas, And Why Gallagher Is Funny

Varieties of prop comedy range from the sophisticated wackiness of early Steve Martin to the melon-smashing madness of Gallagher. But certainly there is no comic working today who uses props as inventively and exhaustively as Scott Thompson, better known as Carrot Top, performing for over eight years at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

Once the picked-on younger brother to other comics who mocked his use of prop comedy and striking physical presence, Carrot Top seems to at last have been embraced by the comedy establishment.

Dennis Miller, who sits at the opposite end of the comic spectrum as Carrot Top, recently admitted to Thompson that his son is his biggest fan. High praise indeed.

Carrot Top discusses how he writes a prop joke, the comics he admires, and the comments he hears most from his audience.


Carrot Top, comedian

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