About KNPR's State of Nevada

KNPR's State of Nevada is the essential public affairs broadcast to understand what's happening here. Newsmakers and experts give context to local issues; discussion and profile interviews explore the unique character - and characters - of our region. KNPR's State of Nevada is a daily conversation about this place we call home. Broadcast weekdays at 9 a.m., encore at 8 p.m.


KNPR's State of Nevada is your program; your place to express your views and have a conversation with other people who care about Nevada. We like healthy, constructive debate, and we know you do too. Please join the conversation and share your ideas, thoughts, concerns, criticisms, questions. We welcome your program ideas too!

Calling into the program: You can jump into the conversation in the morning and share your thoughts live on the air. If it's busy, keep trying, or send us an email. Once you get through, you may have to wait on hold. While waiting--turn your radio down and listen through your telephone handset. No speaker phones please.

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